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Welcome to my website. I teach Iyengar Yoga - it is my purpose in this life! I specialize in developing a way to practice yoga for each individual person, whether in a class, a workshop, or a private session. I want my students to have the highest quality of life. I help them reduce pain, gain flexibility and strength, and increase their awareness of their body/mind. My goal is to help them to be healthier and to do the activities they love to do. Please read through these pages and contact me when you’re ready to practice what you need and change your life for the better!

“ . . . The proof of this work (with Yoga) is in the quality of my life . . . I have the consciousness to choose life’s higher path at any juncture.”
Nancy, retired middle school counselor

“ . . . an amazing teacher and a very gifted presenter!”
Monica, yoga studio owner

photo of Gary in a forward bend pose